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The rules on car travel are as follows:

  • You can only travel in a vehicle with people who live in the same house.

  • If you are travelling, everyone over 18 years of age must carry evidence of their address for example your drivers license, electricity bill etc to provide it to the Police on request.

  • There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you need to take someone who is sick or can’t drive themselves to a medical appointment who does not live in your house you can do so in an emergency or for compassionate reasons.

  • If you do need to drive someone who doesn’t live with you in an emergency or for compassionate reasons, you should make that you and the person are not unwell, that the car is given a good clean with disinfectant (e.g. Glen 20 or wipe of the surfaces with Spray and Wipe or a similar detergent) to get rid of any germs, everyone wears a mask and you have hand sanitiser available in the car. This will help reduce infection.

  • You should only drive with one other person.


While we have made every effort to provide accurate and clear information to our patients in this Guidance we are a charity and not the NSW Government. You MUST still follow the official NSW Covid Rules published on the NSW Government web site at all times.

Where the NSW Government rules conflict with this guidance, you must follow the NSW Government rules.

We have asked the NSW Government on behalf of our communities if they can provide some more plain-language information for rural and remote people to help us to continue to do the right thing. We will update this guidance as soon as we receive further information.

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