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Offer to the RRHTP

Once you have successfully completed your PESCI you will be offered employment with RARMS as a GP.  

The purpose of the RRHTP is to support International Medical Graduates to:


  • pursue a career in General Practice in a regional centre

  • support the families of RRHTP participants

  • strengthen commitment to rural and regional health care

Participants will be supported by RARMS, and are expected to participate proactively, to build their competency and skills in rural and regional health care including procedural medicine, family and community health, geriatric health, Aboriginal Health and sexual health.  

The Program goals will be built around career progression and the achievement of competencies in a range of areas, including:

  1. applying when eligible to commence a program to obtain Fellowship with ACCRM or the RACGP

  2. contribute to the delivery of outcomes under the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework and National Health Priorities by meeting health services targets set for each community (targets will differ on a community-by-community basis reflecting the health needs of the population)

  3. demonstrate competency in provision of care under Medicare by meeting MBS and comparable practice performance benchmarks

  4. demonstrate culturally safe provision of health care to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients, LGBTQI+ patients and other groups traditionally disadvantaged in equitable access to care

  5. demonstrate proficiency in population health program design and delivery including community engagement ad project leadership in health literacy, education and prevention

  6. demonstrate a capacity to work effectively as part of a team with practice, nursing and allied health professionals

  7. contribute to knowledge sharing and quality assurance through case reviews and Medical Staff Advisory Council meetings to improve the targeting of care based on patient needs, and the expansion of relevant services

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