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Apply to the RRHTP

If you:


  1. hold a medical qualification from an eligible medical school outside of Australia or New Zealand, and 

  2. have been accepted to the Competent Authority Pathway, OR

  3. have completed your MCQ and have been accepted to the Standard Pathway

you can apply to participate in the Rural and Regional Health Training Program (RRHTP).  Applicants from within and outside Australia are welcome, however applicants already in Australia will receive preference.

In order to be considered for participation in the RRHTP you will need to complete the Expression of Interest form at the end of this information pack and provide all the relevant information.

If your information is verified, you may be invited to participate in a structured Rural and Regional Health Training Interview.  


The interview will be conducted by a panel of 3 people including one medical practitioner, one community member from the community you will work in and one member of the RARMS staff.

The purpose of the Interview is to determine your suitability for participation in the RRHTP including:

  • your relevant demonstrated background working in a rural or remote community

  • your social justice orientation

  • your interest in a regional practice career

  • your willingness to contribute to professional supervision and training of other International Medical Graduates in the future.

Candidates will be ranked by the panel and successful applicants will be offered employment under the RRHTP.

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