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It was with a very heavy heart that Rural and Remote Medical Services (RARMS) closed the Balmain Medical Centre on the 22nd July 2022.

As a charity, the ever-increasing costs of primary health care, continued underfunding, and chronic GP shortages meant the practice became unsustainable.

You are entitled to request your records be transferred to another doctor of your choice. This transfer will be at no cost to you, as part of the RARMS commitment to support you and the local community.

How can I transfer my medical records?

If you have found a new medical practice, you can ask your new medical practitioner to request your medical records from RARMS Health. On receipt of your signed request, your medical records will be sent to your new practitioner via secure messaging.

How long do I have to transfer my medical records?

In accordance with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act (2002), RARMS are required to retain health information for 7 years from the last occasion on which a health service was provided. In the case of children, RARMS are required to retain health information until the child has turned 25 years old.


If you have any questions regarding your medical records, please email

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